Looking to add value to your home and at the same time reduce energy costs?  Double glazing doors and windows aren’t just in trend around Perth they also reduce the heat, reduce the noise and add an additional layer of security to keep your loved ones safe and sound.

Put simply, single glazing is made from a single pane of glass, double glazing is a combination of two panes of glass, separated by a gap which is usually filled with an inert gas especially designed to make it more difficult for heat to escape through these glasses.  How much heat?   Australian studies show up to 40%!

Double glazed doors and windows means double the savings

There is no doubt the Perth building, construction and renovation industry is heating up.  To achieve long term energy efficiency and ratings opt for double-glazed doors and windows for your home. Climateframe double glazing savesyou money month on month by reducing your energy bills whilst keep ingthe temperature and noise at comfortable levels. Climateframe double glazed doors and windows helps in keeping your home warm in the Perth winters and cool in summers. At Climateframe we feel like double glazing was made for our West Australian climate and conditions.

Double glazed are safety elements for your home

Did you know that Double Glazed windows and doors, provide higher security and safety in your home?Historically Perth’s single glazed aluminium windows and doors were low quality frames and easy to break into. Climateframe Double Glazing Perth use Kommerling uPVC frames with multi locking points and increased quality to significantly improve security benefits.  Double glazing with its two panes of glass requires double the effort to get through giving you and your loved ones double the protection.

Double glazed doors and windows add value to your home

With the ongoing requirement for West Australian homes to be more energy efficient with higher energy ratings, double glazing adds value to your build. Climateframe double glazed windows and doors will make your home more attractive to buyers.  Having double glazing installed on your house, increases value of your investment by up to 10%. It not only increases the value of your home, but double glazing will make your property more elegant to buyers with curb appeal.

Why choose Climateframe for Double Glazing?

By choosing Climateframe double glazing:

  • You are reducingyour carbon contribution by reducing your overall energy consumption
  • Adding another effective layer between your home and the outside air
  • Have incredible noise reduction
  • No/Low maintenance and environmentally friendly
  • No condensation on your windows
  • Double glazing is draft proof
  • Have a product that will lasts a minimum of 20 years.
  • The frames are termite proof, will not rot or corrode, even in Western Australian conditions
  • Supporting a local family business

When double glazing was first introduced in Western Australia prices were high – up to as much as 4 to 6 times standard single glazed aluminium windows. With increased volume and competition uPVC double glazed window and door pricing has improved significantly.  Climateframe are a local manufacturer and can help to reduce this cost, we have some of the fastest turnaround times in Perth.  With its sleek appearance – combined with thermal efficiency and noise control, now any investment in double glazing returns significant value to the homeowner.

Climateframe Price-beat guarantee

If you have received a comparison quote for the same products that we have quoted you on, simply present us with the comparison quote and we promise to beat it!

  • Don’t believe us, Climateframe has the most satisfied and highest 5-Star customer reviews!
  • Climateframe Double Glazing is the obvious choice in Perth.