Climateframe Double Glazing Retail Standard Terms and Conditions

1. Our quotation is valid for 90 days from the issue date.

2. A fire rating is not included in the price unless specifically requested and included on the specification list, however our polymeric material is flame retardant.

3. Our price excludes removal, replacement or installation of fixtures and fittings such as blinds, security screens,

radiators, telephone outlets etc.

4. Our price excludes the price of scaffolding and/or craneage.

5. Statutory and Shire regulations, submissions and approvals are strictly excluded from our services.

6. We will provide quality tradesmen to conduct the removal, replacement, and installation work in your home. While every care will be taken to minimise damage to existing tiles, walls, ceilings and floors, the cost of replacement or repair of such items will be your responsibility. Climateframe Double Glazing is committed to 100% customersatisfaction.

7. At Climateframe Double Glazing we proudly provide a 10-year warranty on our window and door frames.

Climateframe Double Glazing is a proudly ‘West Aussie’ family owned and operated business and all window

and door products are locally manufactured in Perth, exclusively using the German produced World Leaders

KOMMERLING frames and mechanisms

All frames are locally manufactured in Perth