Our double glazed door systems are more thermally efficient than single-pane doors, provide better acoustic insulation, are easier to maintain and are environmentally friendly, allowing you to minimise your carbon footprint.

At Climateframe Double Glazing we supply and install a range of quality double glazed doors in Perth and surrounding areas. You can trust our experienced, qualified, efficient and fully insured professionals for quality installation that is compliant with the National Construction Code.

Demonstrated below is our current range of quality uPVC double glazed door systems.

double glazed front door

Hinged doors

Commonly used as a front entrance door, our hinged doors can be manufactured in a range of different designs and finishes to suit any modern and traditional home or building. As an added security measure our hinged doors are manufactured with quality reinforced multipoint locking mechanisms. Outward opening doors leave all the room you need to best utilise the interior space.

PremiFold door

PremiFold Doors

The innovative PremiFold door system is quite simply a revelation in the way in which you can maximise indoor – outdoor living without compromising on security. Individual panels slide and open independently to minimise weight on the hardware and maximise open space. The slide and swing door is superior in terms of long term maintenance with uPVC systems.

double glazed sliding door

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are very popular in Australian homes. We manufacture a great range of sliding door options to suit most applications. The quality of sliding mechanisms are superior to most standard sliding door configurations.

double glazed french door

French Door

French doors can be designed for impressive feature front entrance doors. Side lites can be included for wider openings. Frosted and clear glass options may be included for specific applications. All Climateframe Double Glazing French Doors have multiple locking points and shootbolts for outstanding security. Opening restrictors can be installed to protect handles from damaging adjacent walls.

double glazed slide and stack door

Slide & Stack

Stacking doors are popular for those looking to maximise an opening space to an outdoor alfresco area. Climateframe Double Glazing sliding stacker doors are smooth in operation due to the double brush pile seals and heavy duty rollers. The ability of a sliding door to transfer wind load to the outside of the frame is almost completely due to the size and strength of the interlock used – our installation and fabrication specialists select the appropriate interlocks based on the site location and the specified door sizing.

double glazed lift and slide door

Lift and Slide

Climateframe Double Glazing manufactures and installs the PD76 Lift & Slide system designed by Kommerling. This door is a high end product that is perfectly suited to luxury homes. The Lift and Slide can be designed for extremely wide openings with minimal obstruction of views. 2-panel designs can be made to widths of 6 meters and 4-panel designs can span in excess of 10 meters. This product is for the WOW factor!

Aluminium Double Glazed Doors

Aluminium Doors

 Aluminium double glazed doors help to reduce heat transfer, allow fresh air and natural light into the home and provide better security and noise insulation.