Double Glazed Lift & Slide Doors

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Lift & Slide Doors

At Climateframe Double Glazing, we have introduced a new product to our range called the PD76 PremiDoor. This lift and slide door system is new to Australia. The Lift and Slide utilises a distinctive handle that lifts the sliding panel onto its wheels to operate the door. The sliding panel can be locked into position at any point along its track making it perfect to vent overnight for some fresh air without compromising the security of your home.

The 2-panel PD76 system can be manufactured at up to 2.6 meters high and 6 meters wide while the 4-panel system allows up to twice the width boasting an impressive 13 meter span. A single sliding panel can weigh up to 400 kilograms and slides effortlessly even for children. This sliding door system is ideal for anyone looking to showcase full glass frontage on their property.

Since the main benefits of double glazing are the thermal and sound insulation properties, we are often being asked about U values and solar heat gain coefficients of different products. The PremiDoor 76 on average achieves a 1.4 U value making it incredibly advanced in thermal efficiency in comparison to the standard offering single glazed windows and doors in Australia. Most sliding door systems in Australia are fitted with brush piles as a type of seal. Although the Lift and Slide does utilise brush piles in some parts of the door, the sliding panel is fitted with rubber seals which are compressed when the door is in the locked position – this is one of the features that allows the product to perform so well thermally.

The rest of our product range all utilise 28mm thick double glazed units (DGUs) which is a significant improvement compared with the thickness of some other double glazed products on the market, however, the PremiDoor has the ability to house DGUs up to 50mm thick!
Climateframe Double Glazing offer the PD76 in white, cream, anthracite and golden oak (as displayed in our showroom).

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