Our windows are designed to last the test of time, increase energy efficiency and protect you from the outdoor elements. No matter the season or weather, our windows have been tested in Australia’s harshest of rain, heat, wind and even snow.

In choosing our double glazed windows, you get the added benefit of saving money on your heating and cooling bills as our windows reduce heat loss and provide a shield from the cool air of winter and the intense heat during the summer months. Our uPVC window options also continue to allow sunlight into your home so your rooms remain bright and sunny not to mention the numerous other advantages of double glazed windows.

Are you interested in double glazed windows and doors in Perth? Contact the double glazing experts at Climateframe Double Glazing to find out all the benefits of our double glazed windows/doors.

double glazed casement windows

Casement Windows

Casement double glazed windows are side-hung and outward opening. They can open out to a range of 90 degrees and similar to the awning style window they can be fitted with custom restrictors. This energy efficient uPVC window style is perfect for allowing more ventilation into your home and providing better insulation, helping to save on your heating bill.

double glazed tilt and turn windows

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn double glazed windows are inward opening windows which tilt inwards from the top and also open sideways like a regular casement window. Tilt & Turn windows seal and lock on all four sides offering excellent noise reduction and security. The outside pane of glass can be easily cleaned making them ideal for second story windows.

double glazed awning windows

Awning Windows

Awning-style double glazed windows are top-hung outward opening. We have installation options for support arms and restrictors. Their modern style is a great way of opening up a room to allow for natural ventilation and direct sun while providing added security and sound insulation.

double glazed sliding windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows: Double glazed sliding and stacking windows are a very popular design in Australia in both homes and offices as they are very easy and convenient to use. Sliding/stacking windows are windows that have one or more fixed pane and one or more sliding pane, which rolls on a track inside the window frame to open or close. Sliding/Stacking windows can be designed to slide at either side to maximize air flow.

aluminium double glazed windows

Aluminium Windows

Aluminium framed windows can be powder coated in a range of different colours to match in with other facades on Australian homes or even contrast them if that’s the look you want for your house. Our aluminium systems have also been extensively tested to Australian Standards to ensure we can design the appropriate double glazed windows for the location of your home.