How much does it cost to double glaze a house in Perth?

The cost of uPVC double glazing depends on the size of your doors and windows, the colour of the frame, the window style and glass type. Have a look at our double glazing cost guide here.

Alternatively if you would like to get an estimate for your home or construction, drop us a message and get an obligation free quote.

Is double glazing worth the cost?

Considering the upfront cost of double glazed windows and doors, you might wonder if Double Glazing Perth is worth the cost? Yes it is. UPVC double glazing helps you significantly reduce your external noise and energy bills and creates an ambient environment in your room regardless of the temperature outside. It does not just pay off its initial cost financially but also makes your life far more comfortable.
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What is an alternative to double glazing Perth?
The only two alternatives to double glazing Perth are triple glazing (increased cost) and thermal curtains. As the name suggests, triple glazing uses three glass panes instead of one, tripe glazing is not cost effective at this time and doesn’t have the same improvement percentage increase as double glazing.

Thermal curtains are just like regular curtains that come with an extra layer of special lining that assist to stopping excess heat and cold. However, unlike the efficiency of double glazed doors and windows that work better it’s also not efficient in reducing noise or protecting your house.

Can you double glaze existing aluminium windows?
You can double glaze any existing windows including aluminium ones. This process is known as a retrofit, where we simply remove and replace the existing window frames and panes. Regardless of the size and shape, our retrofit services are available for every property
Can you double glaze the existing sliding door?
ClimateFrame can come to you and take a look at any door or slider. We will find the perfect way to go about replacing a single pane frame with a double glazed one.

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What is your lead time for installation?

Climateframe is passionate about maintaining an industry leading lead time for installing your double glazing. Typically our lead time is no longer that 5 -6 weeks from deposit. If this is different then you will be advised by your design consultant or feel free to call and ask us upfront

What colours do you have?
At Climateframe Double Glazing we understand that your home and style is unique this is why when it comes to UPVC we want to offer you a range of colour options that will stand the test of time along with your double glazing and will meet a wide variety of design choices for inside and outside of your home. Currently we offer 5 colours to choose from. These are; White, Cream, Golden Oak, Anthricite Grey, and Signal Grey.
How thick is your double glazing?
Currently Climateframe Double Glazing uses a 28mm double glazed unit. This is currently the thickest on offer in Western Australia. It is important to understand the thickness of your glazing and important when doing your homework to ask how thick is your double glazing to a manufacturer as it makes a huge difference to performance and insulating your property.
What deposit do you require to proceed?
We require a 50% upfront deposit to consider your quote accepted. This is so we can allocate materials to a production timeslot as well as organise for a production check measure at your convenience. For a full copy of our terms and conditions check out our terms and conditions page.
Will you come and check our measurements?
Absolutely! For a quote we are more than happy to work off of rough measurements, however once you are ready to go ahead and you have paid your deposit. We assign you an installation supervisor who takes his own measurements to put into production. The reason for this, is every installer likes slightly different measurements (usually varies by a few mm), this ensures that each job is finished to the highest standard possible and prior to handover is checked by the area manager to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
I don’t know how to measure my window. Will you help?
Of course. We understand your home is a huge investment and you want to get an important decision like double glazing right. We are more than happy to organise a time to come out, meet with yourself and provide an consultation via our obligation free measure and quote. You can also book this right now through our website.
What frame do you use for your double glazing?
We use a UPVC product called Kommerling. We use UPVC over a traditional West Australian aluminium frame as aluminium is a thermal and acoustic conductor. Which detracts from the benefits of double glazing. UPVC and Kommerling frames in particular will assist your double glazing in thermal insulation and acoustic reduction.
Do UPVC frames wear in the Australian Climate?
At Climateframe we ensure we specify from Kommerling what is known as a “tropical blend”. A tropical blend has titanium dioxide in the UPVC mix prior to extrusion, this ensures no warping and discolouration. For a sample of a Kommerling double glazing frame don’t hesitate to reach out and request one. We can come and bring one to your measure and quote or you are most welcome to pop by and grab a sample for yourself.
Are double glazed windows worth it in Australia?

Absolutely! Windows with double glazing are impressively effective, curbing your heat dispersion or absorption by nearly 30% relative to single-glazed windows. The functionality of double glazing can be likened to woolen garments or fiberglass insulation, as it contains air between its two panels.

Are double glazed doors worth it?

In short, yes. Approximately 50% of heat dissipation in winter and almost 90% of heat accumulation in summer are believed to originate from windows and doors. The distinctive structure of double-glazed items offers up to quadruple the insulation against temperature extremes compared to their single-glazed counterparts.

Is it worth installing double glazing?

It is definitely worth it! No matter your circumstances, substituting a single-glazed window with a double-glazed one will instantly bring about a reduction in your energy bills.