Double Glazing Cost Guide For Perth (2024)

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The total cost to double glaze your home will vary depending on the number of windows you have; how big they are, what style of windows you want (e.g. Awning or sliding etc.), the condition of the window openings, and the double glazed window installation process required. The type of window frame is also a factor in the cost of double glazed windows, as composite or aluminium double glazed windows are cheaper than the cost of timber.

We previously did a cost comparison with single glazed aluminium windows for a new build – the cost of single glazing fully installed was approximately $9,000 and our double glazed windows cost to be fully installed was approximately $14,000 for a small home.

The price difference and upfront cost for energy efficient double glazed windows are easy to justify with significantly improved quality products in the home and improved standard of living thanks to noise reduction, thermal efficiency, energy efficiency, and the money saved on heating and cooling costs.

To find out more about how much double glazing costs, the benefits compared to single glazing, and how double glazing can save you money, contact the expert double glazing Perth team at Climateframe Double Glazing.

We manufacture and install double glazed windows and doors, with a wide range of energy efficient double glazing options available and years of expertise in the double glazing industry.

How to get the best double glazing prices

At Climateframe Double Glazing, we manufacture windows and doors, but we also install double glazed windows for the general public so there is no need for the additional mark-up of a retailer – when searching around for a reputable company to deal with, be sure to ask if they are a double glazed windows and doors manufacturer. We can even provide retrofit glazing on existing windows in your home.

Feel free to visit our manufacturing facility and showroom at 51 Innovation Circuit, Wangara or view our factory process video to see exactly how we make our double glazed windows and doors.

Another way to get the best price for double glazed windows is to ask one of our team members to optimise the window styles from a cost perspective to assist with bringing down the overall double glazed windows cost. We can even show you comparisons of different styles of double glazed windows at the same sizes, so you can compare the price for yourself.

How much does double glazing cost in Australia?

Double glazing in Australia can cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500 per sqm, depending on the installer.

Prices will also depend on whether the house is a 3 bedroom or 4 bedroom house.

There are many variables that contribute to the overall price of double glazing, these include:


The quality of the profile used to manufacture the window.

Some manufacturers use inferior profiles that are cheaper to purchase but carry the risk of breaking down in the harsh climate of Australia. At Climateframe we only use Kommerling profile in the manufacture of our windows and doors – outstanding quality materials that are tested for Australian conditions and guaranteed not to fail you.


The amount of hardware required to manufacture the window.

The more opening components you have in a window, the more expensive it will be due to the cost of hinges, handles and additional labour. Fixed windows are the cheapest option as there is no hardware involved in the manufacture.

The style of the window or door.

Some styles of window are more cost effective than others – for example, awning windows are cheaper than sliding windows as there is less cost in hardware and labour required to complete the manufacture of an awning window.

The size of the window.

The larger a window is, the more materials are used in manufacturing it, so it costs more.

The type of glass you choose

(tinted, low-e etc.) and thickness of glass (e.g. 6.38mm-20-4mm).

The colour of the windows.

Foiled profiles such as signal grey, anthracite and golden oak are slightly more expensive as there is more work in the extrusion of the profile while white and cream are the more cost effective alternative.

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