double glazing vs roller shutters

When it comes to noise reduction, double glazing vs roller shutters can be a tricky decision. You have to weigh the various benefits each solution provides when deciding which one is most suitable for your needs. Double glazing offers advantages such as increased insulation and improved energy efficiency, while roller shutters provide enhanced security and additional privacy features.

Comparing Noise Reduction of Double Glazing vs Roller Shutters

When it comes to soundproofing, double glazing, and roller shutters are two popular solutions for homeowners and commercial building owners. Both can be helpful in reducing sound, however, there are distinctions that should be taken into account when selecting which is more suitable for your needs.

Double Glazing for Noise Reduction

Double glazing utilizes two layers of glass, separated by a gap filled with air or gas, acting as an insulation barrier to decrease external noise from entering the interior space. This creates an insulation barrier that helps reduce outside noise from entering the interior of the building. Double glazed windows also help keep interior noises from leaking out, making them ideal in loud settings, for instance near airports or busy streets.

Roller Shutters for Noise Reduction

Roller shutters on the other hand, provides a physical barrier against external sounds while still allowing natural light to enter through small slats in the shutter design. The tight seal created by these shutters provides superior protection against airborne sounds like traffic and construction noise compared to double glazing alone, though they do not provide any insulation against internal noises like conversations or music playing inside a room.

Roller shutters tend to be pricier initially due to installation costs, while double glazed windows only require periodic upkeep if not installed and sealed correctly.

Sound of Silence

When it comes to purely soundproofing, roller shutters provides a better noise reduction when you’re only concerned about outside noises.

If you’re looking at noise reduction from both outside as well as inside the home, then double glazing the the clear winner.

One non sound factor to consider is that roller shutters totally block off natural light when closed, which could lead to energy efficiency issues if used excessively during the day as opposed to double glazing which lets in some light even at night time resulting in lower energy bills throughout winter months.

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