uPVC double glazing has been garnering substantial popularity all across Australia. Given its unbeatable temperature control features, it’s the easiest and most affordable way to keep your house cosy and cool in summer and warm in winter. However temperature management isn’t the only purpose of having double glazed windows, it’s equally important for them to be strong enough to protect your home from intruders.

In this article we discuss if double glazed doors and windows are secure enough for your home.

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Are Double Glazed Windows Really Secure?

Double glazed windows provide far more security than regular windows, The material used in their construction and the signature double-pane design makes it harder for intruders to penetrate and break in.

In fact, many modern double glazing units are sturdy enough to bear the impact of stones or small rocks thrown at them.

As always nothing is 100% burglar-proof. It will certainly take a powerful force to break it down, and the noise will alert you or your neighbours.

Our expert team of manufacturers and installers know just the right technique to develop and install sturdy and durable double glazed units. We take immense pride in having satisfied each of our customer’s double glazing needs.

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How Can You Make Your Double Glazed Windows Secure?

Double Glazed windows and doors are far more studier and break in proof than their single glazed comparable units.

Here are a few tips that will help you strengthen your double glazed windows and doors further protect your home from intruders:

1. Use Window Beading

Adequate beading on both the internal and external sides of your double glazed window panes add extra security by making it difficult for the intruder to remove the glass. These beadings are what fixes the whole glass pane into the window frame.

ClimateFrame being among the foremost double glazing suppliers Perth prioritises the quality of our installations over than anything else. When the units are installed right, an intruder’s chances of successfully removing them go slim.

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2. Stronger Glass Material

Even if the burglar doesn’t try to remove the double glazing window glass, they can certainly try to smash it. The best way to protect your window and house, in this case, is by replacing regular double glazed glasses with toughened glass.

This glass is heated to a high temperature and then rapidly cooled. During these drastic temperature fluctuations, the original composition of the glass alters itself and turns more resilient and strong.

Being a recognised double glazed windows manufacturer Perth, we do our best to offer a secure window system to our customers. If you have any questions about the quality and features of our double glazed units, feel free to drop us a message.

3. Add a Security Film on Your Window

If you want to strengthen the glass panes further, consider adding a layer of security film on top of it. A security film holds the glass together even if it’s slightly cracked or shattered. The strong grip of the film on the windowpane makes it impossible for the glass pieces to fall apart.

Laminated glasses also work similarly. The only difference is that they have a layer of plastic squished between the glass layers to hold the pieces together in case of breakage.

Although double glazing windows do not come with an in-built security film, we make them strong and durable from the core at ClimateFrame. If you want additional security, we can talk about extra glass thickness.

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4. Double Glazed Windows Perth

If neither of the options above satisfies your doubts, ClimateFrame on our Double Glazed Windows Perth has a selection of locks, hinges, tilt and turn, push-button handles and shoot bolts which add the ultimate touch of safety that your window needs.

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Wrapping Up

Your house is meant to be your safe space. Windows being a crucial outlet to the world outside should be designed with extreme care to ensure nothing is strong enough to compromise the safety of your loved ones.

That’s why at ClimateFrame, we pledge our 100% focus on each project to deliver double glazed units that are perfect and 5 star (just like us) in every aspect.

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