Double glazing is as much about style and aesthetics as it is about temperature control, security and noise cancellation. After all, in today’s times, you will never want any double glazed doors or windows that mar the aesthetic beauty of your house, no matter how beneficial they are.

Thankfully, double glazed doors do not compromise on style. To help you create a stunning interior, we are here to share the 4 best double glazed door designs.

At Climateframe, we have always strived to offer the best double glazing Perth service to our customers. Be it in the form of the product or our service, our ultimate aim is to be flawless in every aspect. The same goes for our double glazing door designs. From double glazing sliding doors to double glazing French doors, we have countless designs to give your house the perfect makeover.

4 Stylish Double Glazed Door Ideas

The right set of double glazed windows and doors can glam up even a regular property, Climateframe can even retrofit them. To help you get amazing results, we have selected our best double glazed door designs. Take a look!

1. Double Glazed French Doors

The first on the list has to be a classic French door. These double parting doors give your property a clean and fresh look. Also, the unique design and massive expanse of glass panes allow a greater amount of light to enter, keeping your house bright and sunny yet temperature controlled.

At Climateframe, we manufacture several Double Glazed French doors, each tailored to meet very specific customer demands. Available in multiple sizes, designs and colours, these doors come with internal glazing for additional safety and an optional low threshold to ease wheelchair access.

Pair it up with casement double glazed windows to complete the look. To know more about our French style double glazed doors Perth, drop us a message here.

2. Double Glazed Sliding Doors

How can we forget the sleek and contemporary sliding doors? Popular for its minimalist look, it also works best for houses that cannot offer enough space for a hinged door to swing open.

Another feature that people love about double-glazed sliding doors is the partial sense of privacy it offers. Unlike hinged doors that swing open completely, sliding doors only open on the side of the frame. You can even get tinted glasses to add an extra degree of privacy.

At Climateframe, we take immense pride in manufacturing only the highest-grade double glazed sliding doors. Our doors are complete with brush piles and weather strips for best-in-class sealing. And even for the doors that use maximum sash size, our rollers are well-equipped to bear their weight.

To know more about our double glazed sliding doors, drop us a message here.

3. Double Glazed Lift & Slide Door

A relatively new entry to the Australian market, the lift and slide doors are best known for their energy efficiency, spectacular look, resistance to water and air infiltration and additional security. These doors come with a special handle that can lift and place the door on the wheels to slide aside.

We have taken the responsibility to introduce Perth to this new-age double glazed door. Along with brush piles, these doors are also equipped with rubber seals, making their thermal efficiency better than most alternatives.

Another impressive feature of these doors is a brilliant new locking technique that allows you to lock the door at any point on a sliding track, making it a perfect source of ventilation.

4. Double Glazed PremiFold

PremiFold is another new innovation from Kommerling. When choosing the right double glazed windows and doors, customers often fail to choose between sliding, swinging and folding panels. But with Premifold doors, you can get the benefit of all three in one single product.

These doors are super easy to use and can slide, swing and fold as per your choice without compromising on your security,

If you are looking for a door that allows maximum ventilation and visibility without putting your family at any risk, try a Premifold door today.

Reach out to us to know more about Premifold doors.

Bottom Line

Double glazing can be a money and sometimes time-intensive project. Hence, you need to find a double glazing manufacturer Perth that has the best pricing and quality. That’s why we have only selected designs that are evergreen and will remain unbeatable and stylish until your next renovation. At Climateframe we ensure quality double glazing Perth that never goes out of style.

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