Something we hear quite commonly with a new prospective client is “I prefer aluminium windows because they are thinner, and I get more glass!”. The question we like to ask back is “Why?”Sure, they are a little thinner, although uPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors can be equally as stylish to look at, if not more so if done with an understanding of exterior and interior design. In fact, uPVC has lower thermal transmission and performs hand in hand with your double glazing assisting the glass with insulation, noise reduction and even increased security.

An amazing example is this recent project where we strongly considered the clients functional needs but spent significant amounts of time researching the architect and builder of the property prior to recommending a design solution.  At ClimateFrame we go the extra distance with our double glazing.  Because ClimateFrame double glazing is different these are the things we considered.

  • Exterior colour
  • Architectural design lines
  • Gutter and roofing colour
  • Interior wall colour
  • Flooring material and colour, luminance
  • and of course, manufacturing constraints

With WA construction being the way it is, every job is a custom job.  The benefit of this is we can customise every aspect of your double glazing to suit your needs and requirements. You just need to find the right Double Glazing Perth manufacturer like ClimateFrame that is as committed to the look of your property as you are!

The Customers Brief

The initial brief from this client was to change the upstairs windows to help insulate the property. This is where the client felt the current system was not working adequately in terms of efficiency. We recommended a free no obligation 1 hour Design and Measure appointment at their convenience at the property.

In this consultation we assessed (and more importantly explained) the thermal transfer, U-Values and SHGC values of the current framing and glazing.  Importantly we also addressed how the clients used the property and where we could assist in the design of the double glazed windows.

We walked the client through multiple double-glazing options offering the pros and cons of each option. Then an opening assessment was provided to maximize the location of openings (based on the windows the clients actually open, the average wind direction, and the orientation of the property). We then discussed colour and design options to maximize the size of the windows and the best colour option to work with the exterior facade of the home as well as the interior. Colour Samples were left with the client so they could in their own time go through the different colour options and come to a conclusion with all the information provided.

Upon returning to the factory showroom, the sales team liaised with our onsite manufacturing factory, discussed ways in which we can maximise the design, and providing a high-quality solution.The quote was done up and returned to the client within 24 hours with all the relevant backing data regarding the performance.   

When you are dealing with the double-glazing manufacturer you can be assured that pricing is extremely competitive.  The customer accepted our quote a follow up check -measure was done within 7 days.  After this our installation supervisor on the job took production measurements and walked the clients through exactly how the job was going to be done to their satisfaction, so there would be no surprises come installation day.

On the day of installation, our team meticulously plans removing the window and replacing it with beautiful double glazing whilst maintaining a tidy and clean workspace. Check out any of the 70 five-star Google reviews our previous customers have also mentioned this as a highlight of the service.

After installation our team call a few days later to ensure 100% customer satisfaction prior to taking the remaining payment. We pride ourselves on our high-quality service.  If you’re not happy we are not happy and we fix the issue. ClimateFrame is bringing back good old-fashioned advice and service that you can rely on. You can check out our double glazing cost guide here or feel free to drop us a line and ask any double glazing questions that you may have with no sales obligation!