ClimateFrame the leading double glazing manufacturer in Western Australia.

We’re one of just a few that don’t just sell them, we make them right here in our factory in Perth Western Australia. Our products, processes, and people set us far apart from the competition.

We take pride in setting the standard in quality at affordable prices for our customers. This is possible because we have a team that believes that everyone deserves professional installation services, without breaking their budget.

ClimateFrame has been manufacturing and installing quality windows for over 25 years, so our 10-year warranty is real. You can trust ClimateFrames knowledge of the Double glazing manufacturing and installation. 

As a local family business, Climateframe believes in customer first. All customer enquiries are responded within 24 hours during office hours (Monday-Friday). You can find all contact details on Climateframes website or send us an obligation free enquiry here.

ClimateFrame is a company that takes pride in setting standards that other manufacturers would not even think of reaching!


The base frame, like all frame parts are a complex extrusion in unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) with 7 chambers acting as thermal breaks to minimise transfer of heat, in or out. In the large centre chamber, Australian galvanised steel is fitted on all sides, as an anchor’ for all hinges, locks and handles.

The window frame is designed to slide on the base where required, open out for casement and awning windows and open in for the Tilt & Turn windows. It, too, features Australia galvanised steel inside the centre of all sides.


With the same / similar base frame, our slider, stacker, hinged and ‘Slide & Turn’ doors have a larger frame for greater ability to handle the large glass units, and to provide smooth and trouble free, lifelong service.

Our hinged doors, single or French double have 4 hinges per door, and all doors have multi- point locking mechanisms operated by the single handle.

Our Premi76 door (the Ultimate Sliding Door) uses its own unique frames as it can be manufactured up to 2500mm high and 6000mm wide.

As the thickest residential IGU in Perth Western Australia (28mm – IGU ‘GLASS SANDWICH’ )

It provides superior safety, and top ranking Uw ratings based on frames and glass combinations, tested and certified under the WERS (Window Energy Rating System)

Remember the glass unit is only part of the story! To be assured of the full performance of results you need to have the glass frame in situ with a quality UPVC frame, with maximum chambers to reduce heat and noise transfer through the frame.


  • Our frames are the thickest in Perth Western Australia (from 43mm to 76mm wide depending on the window/door type, with the largest number of chambers (thermal breaks).
  • ClimateFrame double glazing has a minimum of 7 chambers versus the just 3 or 5 from the other manufacturers using frames from other suppliers. The wider frame ensures the best noise suppression (around 44dB reduction) and minimum heat transfer IN during hot days and OUT when you have heated a room.
  • ClimateFrame has the widest residential Insulated Glass Unit in Western Australia at 28mm, providing peak performance . With hundreds of glass combination, including the famous Viridian Glass range we can provide even greater results if needed in noise reduction, low E, greater Uw ratings, even for Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL).
  • We manufacture our flyscreens and security screens for our windows in-house
  • All our windows and doors have multi point locking (up to 4 lock sets activated by the airtightclose) and BlueScope galvanised steel inserted on all 4 sides for mechanisms anchoring and strength and awesome security

As a major supplier to many trade builders, premium custom and project home builders and even other double glazing companies we enjoy annual sales volume that allows us to be competitive in price with other West Australian suppliers – even with our World leading products and our proud service record.

There’s never been a better time to buy double glazing, so What double glazing are you looking for or feel free to message us to ask questions at