It is certainly helpful to have double glazed units to soundproof your house, secure it from burglars and most importantly, maintain an ambient temperature.

When it comes to double glazing, the frame and the glass type are the two most important choices you need to make. If you have trouble selecting the best glass for your double glazed units, this list is for you.

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Types of Glasses for Double Glazed Units

For the best double glazed windows and double glazed sliding doors Perth, you should definitely check out the following types of glass.

1. Laminated Glass

If your prime concern is to protect your house from intruders, you should go for laminated glasses. A laminated glass consists of two regular glass panes glued together with resin.

So even if someone manages to shatter it, the broken pieces will still stick together and protect your house.

Being an experienced double glazed window suppliers Perth, we can also help you figure out a few other options to strengthen your glass units.

2. Tinted Glass

If you want to shield your home from the harmful UV rays as well as the prying eyes of your neighbours and outsiders, a tinted glass would be perfect for your home.

As an added benefit, tinted glasses are also highly energy-efficient and toughened to resist cracks and damage.

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3. Toughened Glass

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is another popular choice if safety is your top priority. Double glazed doors Perth made of toughened glass are far more robust and resistant to breakage than laminated glass.

The only difference is that laminated glass stands in its position even on cracking but toughened glass crumbles into small granules once it is successfully broken. However, since it takes a massive amount of brute force to shatter tempered glass, it’s still a safer choice.

However, the price for a toughened glass double glazed unit is slightly higher. If you want, you can request a quote from us before proceeding.

4. Argon-filled Glass

If you want to enhance the insulation properties of your double glazed doors Perth, consider filling up the gap between your glass panes with argon gas.

Argon an inert gas, does not react with its surrounding metals and compounds also it is completely safe for your health.

On top of that, being non-reactive minimises heat transfer or loss from your house.  Argon is thicker than regular air which acts as an additional barrier to enhance its insulation properties.

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5. Obscure Glass

If you are not confident with the vision blocking properties of tinted windows and want a higher degree of privacy ClimateFrame recommends obscure glasses. This glass usually has a frosty, translucent texture and can have patterns printed. Together, it makes it impossible to see through this glass.

In addition with Obscure glass you can also temper it to make them stronger and tougher to break.

If you would like a budget for your double glazing installation, check out our cost guide or get in touch with us.

6. Clear Glass

If your current budget does not permit you to go for a fancier glass, you can simply opt for regular clear glass. ClimateFrame prides itself on have the thickest glass in its double glazing units in Perth.

Being a recognised double glazed window suppliers Perth, we take responsibility for every product we deliver. And even if you are using a regular glass for your double glazing installation, our team will still deliver the best possible product.

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Final Thoughts

Double glazing can last a lifetime if done right. For a long-term investment like this, we recommend going for a leader like ClimateFrame for Double Glazing Perth.

ClimateFrame has been consistently providing remarkable service to hundreds of homes across Perth. With a network of world-class suppliers and expert manufacturers, our double windows and double glazed sliding doors Perth remains unbeatable.

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