There are numerous things to wrap your head around as a homeowner while undertaking home renovations or new construction. One of the most essential things is windows. They are not only essential for ventilation but also impact the temperature levels in your home.

Did you know your indoor temperature determines how energy efficient your house is? This is what sparks the entire debate of single-glazed vs double-glazed windows.

For the Australian climate double-glazing is perfect.  Our steaming hot Summers and our rainy cold Winters.ClimateFrame doesn’t just resell double glazing we are one of a few manufacturers.   We are the factory!  We fit and service what we manufacturer direct to your home.

Climateframe Double Glazing is a one-stop solution for reliable and trusted double-glazing windows in Perth and surrounding areas. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, quality materials and hardware to produce doors and windows that easily resist harsh Australian conditions. If you want the best double-glazed windows for your home, or you just have questions please give us a call our specialists will be there to assist you no obligation at all.

What Is Double Glazing Windows?

Double glazing is the process of installing two glass panels into a window frame with an air pocket filled with argon gas. They are also known as insulating glass units (IGU) or uPVC double-paned windows. This technique uses glass with a specially coated surface that re-radiates heat and makes your home energy efficient.

There are many varieties of glass used for double glazed windows from regular to decorative. However, the most effective of them is low emissivity glass because it works in every climate. The high-solar-gain glass is used in cold countries as it reduces heat loss. On the other hand, the low-solar-gain glass works best in scorching areas, thanks to its excellent UV protection. At ClimateFrame, we have the thickest residential IGU in Western Australia28mm certified to AS 1288.

Which Glazing Should You Choose?

Double glazing provides better insulation than single-paned windows that have only one glass sheet. Also single glazed windows score less on both sturdiness, security and noise protection than double glazed windows.

Some homeowners also opt for triple layering on windows for enhanced thermal resistance. However, these layering counterparts do not make much of a difference in energy efficiency, noise reduction, or durability. Hence, we recommend you save your money with double-glazing doors and windows.

Distinct Advantages Of Installing Double Glazed Windows In Perth

Choose the manufacturer of double glazing in Perth, ClimateFrame double glazed windows and doors to reap the following benefits:

  1. Natural light can easily enter our double glazed windows to provide better insulation, thus lowering your energy bills providing a constant return on your investment.
  2. Our uPVC double-glazed windows also offer advanced security against break-ins utilising multi-point locking systems.
  3. To protect your windows, furniture and other household furnishings from fading and sun damage, enquire about our laminated IGUs.
  4. Double glazing minimises fogging, and you enjoy an uninterrupted outdoor view.
  5. uPVC windows enhance the visual appeal of your home and, ultimately, your house value.
  6. Our windows require little to no maintenance and will last you a lifetime.
  7. We don’t just resell double glazing, we manufacture it in our factory in Wangara.
  8. We have a28mm insulated glass unit.  The thickest IGU for housing in Western Australia certified to AS 1288.

If you would like to enquire double-glazed windows and doors with the above benefits, please give us a call on 1300859394 for a priority service.

How Much Does A Double Glazed Window Cost in Perth?

You would think uPVC double glazed windows are more expensive than single glazed windows, but with increased volume from our factory, pricing has significantly improved.  Double glazingis like an investment in solar.  It will save you money in the long run as they are more energy-efficient constantly paying back your investment. In fact double glazing won’t just save you in Summer but all year round.  uPVC double glazing has many styles, designs, colours, and sizes.  Come to our factory showroom and talk to our friendly staff.

Did you know you can reduce your energy costs significantly if you choose our retrofit double glazing?

Western Australians have recently been investing in affordable double-glazed windows in Perth. Our friendly doubleglazed professionals can design a package according to your preferences and budget enquire today we love to hear from people interested in double glazing products.

Why Pick ClimateFrame for Double Glazed Windows in Perth?

If you are searching for an affordable double glazed windows manufacturer in Perth, please give us a call!   At ClimateFrame, we manufacture, supply and install Kommerling uPVC double glazing windows in Western Australia, including Perth and Wangara.   Come direct to the source!

We provide:

  • Highly trained and experienced professionals that work in a hi-tech manufacturing environment. We pride ourselves on being tidy and professional.
  • Ergonomically designed windows and doors that perform excellently in normal and severe conditions.
  • Exceptional customer service with obligation free quotes.
  • Fast and prompt turnaround time. Standard delivery takes only 3-4 weeks from the date of confirmation of order.
  • Competitive price with best-practice standards and quality outcomes always.

ClimateFrame Double Glazing Windows Range

We provide the following types of double-glazed windows. Pick the one that suits your needs the best.

  1. Casement Double Glazed Windows feature a side-hinge and open outwards. This style fits with custom restrictors and allows more ventilation.
  2. Tilt & Turn double glazed windows open inwards and are flexible. They open like a regular casement window and tilt open from the top. We recommend this to people looking for noise reduction and these windows have multiple locking points around the window creating an air-tight seal.
  3. Sliding double-glazed windows are Australians’ favourite. Climateframe sliding windows have the ability to open at either end.
  4. Awning-style double glazed windows will suit you well if you reside in coastal and humid areas, thanks to their excellent heat retention features.

Reach out to us for double glazed windows Perth. You can call us at 1300 859 394 or furnish your details through this contact form. A no-obligation quote from our experts awaits you!

Our points of difference

We proudly use world renowned Kommerling products

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Exceptional Service

Competitive pricing

Exceptional installation team that takes care at your home

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Short lead times typically 3-4 weeks

We are the manufacturer in Perth

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At ClimateFrame we are happy to answer any questions you may have about Double Glazing or just provide some pricing estimates.  Call us or visit our factory showroom in Wangara.