Everyone has their own ideal internal home room temperature. However with Perth’s varied seasons and temperatures it’s frustrating swapping from hot to cold with very few weeks of perfection. However if you want to start to be in control of moderating your homes internal temperature, double glazing is a wonderful place to start.

Google searching Double Glazing does not often bring ideal results often leaving people misinformed and totally confused about double glazing, often asking do I need a thicker double glazed unit? Surely 20mm will be thick enough? Why UPVC? Why not aluminium? If you would like some more information let us guide you through the process with our comprehensive guide on double glazing.

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What Exactly is Double Glazing?

Double glazed windows come with two glass panes separated with a layer of vacuum or inert gas. This layer minimizes the transfer of heat from your home to the atmosphere and assists to keep your room temperature constant, despite the weather fluctuations.

Acoustic double glazed windows also help you cut back on unnecessary noise and increase the security of your property with the additional strength of dual glass panes.

Difference Between Single Glazed and Double Glazed Windows

Before you decide to get double-glazed windows for your property, take a moment to understand the difference between single-glazed and double-glazed windows.

A single glazed window system consists of one glass pane separating your home from outside. In contrast, a double glazed system consists of two glass panes separated by a vacuum layer.

Naturally, single glazed windows are 20 times less efficient than double glazing. They hardly offer any insulation or protection from intruders and are also known to allow seamless penetration of noise. Check How Double Glazed Windows Can Protect your Home from Intruder. Single glazed windows are also often prone to condensation and have a shorter lifespan, making them a bad investment.

Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

The primary benefit of double glazing is to minimise heat transfer, but that’s not all. Here are some other reasons for double glazing your house.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

The number one cause of high energy bills is homeowners trying to work against the weather. When it’s blazing hot outside, you force the air conditioner to bring down the temperature and when it’s chilly, you force the heater to warm up your room.

However, with double-glazed windows, they assist to ensure the outside temperature does not significantly impact your room temperature. This means you don’t have to overwork your AC or room heater to mitigate the drastic temperature differences. An example of this is a hot cup of coffee in a takeaway mug. The thicker the walls of the mug the better your coffee is insulated and keeps the coffee warmer for longer. Vice versa for a cold drink.

2. Low Noise Pollution

Acoustic double-glazed windows go a long way in minimising noise pollution. If you live in a busy neighbourhood,you will often be disrupted by unwanted traffic noise which can unsettle your quiet space. If noise pollution is one of your prime concerns, double-glazed windows can be of great help.

Just like heat, sound also needs a medium to travel. But when it enters the vacuum layer of your double glazed windows, much of its kinetic energy is lost and what manages to enter your home is a feeble, almost inaudible sound that isn’t capable of disrupting anything. This is where your frame material choice is a consideration. Aluminium being a conductor assists heat and noise to transfer through the opening. UPVC frames work with your double glazing to assist insulation and noise reduction.

3. Better Protection Against Intruders

Although single glazed windows are aesthetically pleasing, they are practically useless against burglars and intruders. Try double glazed windows if you want to keep the pristine beauty of your home’s glass windows while also increasing security.

These windows are known to be practically unbreakable. Along with the toughened glass, they also come with a superior multiple point locking mechanism that’s hard to pick. In some cases, people also install laminated double glazing to level up security.

4. Preserves Your Interiors

The harmful UV rays from the sun do not just affect your body, it also affects and ruins all the furniture that is set by the window. You might have noticed that items that are exposed to comparatively higher sun exposure are more prone to colour damage.

If you want to preserve your expensive decor items and add years to their life, install Low- E double glazed windows. Double glazing minimises the amount of heat and sun rays penetrating your house which naturally reduces the sun exposure to your decor and keeps them as good as new for the longest time.


Double Glazed Awning Windows

Depending on the design and built, these are the 5 types of double glazed windows:

  • Double glazed sliding windows
  • Double glazed casement windows
  • Double glazed push out awning windows
  • Double glazed tilt and turn windows
  • Double glazed wind out awning windows

Bottom Line

When considering better efficiencies for your home, Double Glazing is an amazing investment. It doesn’t overly matter even if you upgrade to the brush sealed sliding or the thick rubber gasket of tilt and turn, to be honest anything is better that your 3MM aluminium WA standard.

However who you partner with to assist you with this is important as you need to consider style, types of double glazed windows and of course something to suit the budget. You also may want helpful advice about the structure of your home and if insulating the roof is required to get the results you want. Feel free to contact Climateframe either via the website or call us today we are eager and awaiting your call.