Fluctuating weather brings in a host of unwanted flies trying to break into your house. At the moment Australia is experiencing and outbreak of Japanese encephalitis. Additionally flies and insects are not just aesthetically unpleasant but also bring in countless germs and bacteria that can pose a serious threat to your family’s health. Since keeping your windows shut all the time is not an option for many households, installing fly screens is the perfect solution. 

At ClimateFrame, we aspire to create an ambient environment in your home with our quality double glazing Perth service. Being a renowned double glazed window manufacturer Perth, we also manufacture other home accessories like fly screens that will keep all the unwanted insects and bugs locked out without suffocating your house.  

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5 Benefits of Installing Fly Screens At Home on Double Glazing 

Wondering why you need a layer of fly screens above your uPVC Double Glazing Perth? Check out these five benefits of installing fly screens: 

1. Locks Out Insects 

As the name suggests, the biggest benefit of installing a fly screen is to lock out unwanted bugs and flies from your home without blocking adequate air circulation.  

The fine pores of these screens stand strong against the rampant and dangerous invasion of mosquitoes, flies and insects, especially during our Perth summers and springs, while allowing your house to breathe at the same time.  

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2. Double Glazing Perth – Increases Security 

If you’re like me, I want to enjoy my double glazing. In the Perth summer when that Fremantle doctor comes through, I love to open my double glazed windows for that breeze. Double Glazing mitigates a lot of the thermal heat through the peak of our wild heat, although there is no need to overburden your air conditioners and rack up your electricity bills when you can simply open up your windows without compromising your security. All that you need Is our double glazing security screens. 

ClimateFrame uses a special type of fly screen designed with Invisi-gard 316 stainless steel to protect your house from possible intruder attacks.  We are the manufacturer of double glazing Perth. Come down and take a look at our showroom and factory anytime. 

The fine mesh of our double glazed security screens is resistant to almost every kind of invasion, regardless of its intensity. 

Tested to meet Australian standards, secure your home with double glazing security screens today! 

3. Adds to Your Privacy 

Shutting off your doors and windows just to protect your family from the prying eyes of your neighbour sometimes isn’t a suitable option. Instead of creating a suffocating environment, talk to us about double glazing fly screens. 

Did you know ClimateFrame’s close-knit mesh of our fly screens adds to your privacy by blocking clear vision. The wires are interwoven so that it makes the vision inside your house almost opaque. Thus, you can enjoy free airflow without worrying about overly interested neighbours. 

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4. Save On Electricity Bills 

Being recognised as one of the finest double glazed window manufacturers Perth, we have always aimed to create energy-efficient homes with our double glazing services, and we aspire to do the same with our fly screens. 

Installing fly screens in your homes keeps it open to natural light for long hours without disrupting your privacy or risking your security. The natural flow of air also aids in maintaining an ambient temperature in your home so that your air conditioning systems do not have to work overtime. 

By saving on light and temperature regulation, you can considerably save on your electricity bills. If you want to turn your home into an insulated energy efficient property, book a consultation with us today.  You would be amazed how cheap the cost of double glazing is now Perth. 

5. Enjoy the View Outside 

A lot of Perth families prioritise the outdoor living and also viewing when looking for properties. It could be a manicured lawn, a beautiful pool or even a well-maintained driveway that overlooks a beautiful sunset every evening. Keeping your single glazed windows and doors closed for safety purposes will block out all these beautiful views, some even feel claustrophobic in their own home.  

On the other hand, installing double glazing with its comfort plus a fly screen will give you all the benefits of safety, security and protection against pests without blocking your view. 

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What Makes Our Flyscreens Special 

Fly Screens at ClimateFrame are not any ordinary window accessory. These are specially designed to match our uPVC double glazing window frames and functionality. 

Since we manufacture all our own double glazing products in our own factory units, we can also help you match your fly screens with your double glazing doors and windows for better visual aesthetics.  

Want to know the best part? At ClimateFrame, we cater to all your diverse fly screen needs all in one location.  Whether you want one exclusively for flies and mosquitos or to ramp up your home security, our wide range of fly screens goes with every double glazed window and door for your every need. 

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Final Thoughts 

Perth’s climate is unique, this is more so with new weather patterns in Australia emerging. What can be a better accessory for your double glazing than fly screens that make your house secure, safe as well as visually pleasing? ClimateFrame understands that home aesthetics are as important as security. That is why we offer customisable matching fly screens that complement your double glazing windows and doors well. 

Drop us a message for further details. Let’s make your home secure and stunning together.